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The City of Vantaa provides young, athletically ambitious students, the opportunity to combine scholastics and sports in a functional and efficient manner. The program is coordinated by the Metropolitan Area Sports Academy (Urhea), in cooperation with all 19 of the upper secondary schools and sports clubs in Vantaa. The program and activities are open to all and free of charge for young people who are enthusiastic about sports. 


Application for entrance into the program is done through an electronic form. A link to the application will be sent via Wilma. Every young person who is interested in sports and is committed to following the rules and guidelines, as set forth in the program, is welcome to apply. 


If you decide to apply for entry into the program, please remember to take it into account when selecting your elective courses. 


Our goal is to develop and support young athletes not only in sports, but in everyday life, as well. 


Basic curriculum of the program 




Urhea-elective course (physical education course) for grades 7-9; 1-hour lesson/week for the entire school year or a 2-hour lesson/week for one semester. 

  •  General training syllabus 

  •  Led by school's Physical Education teacher 

  • Certain language course selections and/or other scholastic-related activities my be restricted by participating in this course. For more information, follow this link. 


Morning practices will be held on Tuesdays from 7.30-8.30 (not during school hours). 

  • General training or sport-specific training 

  •  Afternoon practices will be held on Wednesday from 15.00-16.30 (not during school hours). 

  • General training or sport-specific training 


Program goals 


* Effective combination of scholastics and sports 

* Establishment of a better cooperating rhythm between sports training and scholastics 

* Increase the amount and quality of exercise 

* Development of basic sporting skills 

* Development of an athletic, active lifestyle 

* Development of healthy athletes 


The official standards and curriculum of the program have been outlined and determine by the Finnish Olympic Committee.